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The Yuzhno-Russloye field

is the largest basin of Russia, which belongs to «Severneftegasprom» company (subsidiary company of «Gazprom»). According to geologists The Yuzhno-Russkoye field resembles a 14-layer pie stuffed with oil, gas and gas-condensate. It contains approximately 600 billion cubic metres of gas and can be compared only to Zapolyarnoe field. Since March, 2007, an infrastructure of that area has been constantly developing.

Zapolyarnoe field

is an oil, gas-condensate and gas basin. Zapolyarnoe field is unique one because of its incredible volume of deposit – 3,2 trillion cubic metres of gas. The field differs from others in its compactness. The development of the field is being accomplished by OOO «Gazprom production Yamburg»

The Purtazovskaya compressor station, third train, Novy Urengoy

Being constructed in the arctic climate conditions The Purtazovskaya station is one of the most sophisticated compressor stations. There are 6 compressor sets with their total capacity 96 MW. The total capacity of the Purtazovskaya compressor station is 30-40 billion cubic metres of gas per year. Currently we are equipping the field with gas-dispensers and constructing base plates for industrial assets.