is a large industrial construction company, which specializes in object construction of different types and complexity levels at the Extreme North.

For 8 years our company has been successfully working at this particular sphere. We have all the necessary equipment and machinery for object building and construction in the most rigorous climate conditions.

«PROMMONTAZHSTROY» has its own vehicles, repair shops, construction and load-lifting equipment, up-to-date welding equipment and an industrial complex with turnery and joiner’s shops.

Our trained engineering staff has specific skills and sufficient multi-year work experience in the Extreme North conditions. “PROMMONTAZHSTROY” provides its employees with all the necessary conditions for comfortable life and work at the object construction area: mobile carriages — small houses, dining rooms, bathhouses and etc.

Professional staff and sufficient resource base give us an opportunity to meet the prescribed deadline and to guarantee stability, high quality of performance of work and solid-state reliability of object construction as well.